information about this site

Automobile  manufacturers maintain meticulous records of their production because that information is essential to intelligent product   investment decisions. They do not respond to casual requests from individuals who may be interested to know how many of a particular model was made, but they do release summary information to commercial publishers who are in a position to make it generally available.  Unfortunately, the published information is subject to errors, and  different sources of information about the same make and model will often report different information.  Also, the amount of historical information companies retain is not known, but the vehicles on which the major manufacturers provide production invoices for a supplied VIN do not so back more than two decades, so one cannot be optimistic that they do retain the information indefinitely.


This site is an effort to provide accurate model year production information for automobiles and light trucks manufactured in the U.S. and Canada from 1946 to the present.  The information was compiled from factory records, where available -  even those had to be carefully reviewed - and published information.  All the sources cited for each table were reviewed and compared, and in the event of discrepancies, which are common, a decision was made as to which source appeared to be the most accurate. Often, estimates were made because the information is not available, and those are shown in italics. No claim for accuracy is made for any of the tables; however, an effort has been made to make the information as accurate as possible , given the sources available.


There are no tables available on line. Those interested should review the list of table titles on the following pages (use link at below left for a better table), select the table or tables of interest, and send a message through the contact page .  Comments, questions, criticism are welcome. The requested tables will be sent gratis in Excel format.


At present, only tables for  U.S. and Canadian manufacturers are available.  Some tables for British, French, German and Italian manufacturers have been developed, others are being compiled. Someone interested in a particular manufacturer outside of the U.S. should send an inquiry through the contact page as well.


This website is an experiment. Hopefully whose information is superior to what was used in the preparation of the tables  will be able to provide errors which certainly exist. Your interest is essential. If there is sufficient interest, this site will be improved and remain on line as a portal to important  information which is not available anywhere else.


Gerard Wilson,   April 2015